Work and Experience

I’ve worked at a number of prestigious studios over the past few years, as well as performing as a solo artist in some incredible venues and earning a first-class honours degree in Music Production.

Factory Studios

Factory are a multi award winning post production studio situated in Soho. I worked here as a runner in 2019, learning techniques first hand from the world class engineers.

String and Tins

I started working here in 2020, technically as a runner although I was given various audio tasks and music briefs, such as original music compositions and doing a continuous studio mix for an unreleased album.


I worked for and studied under Rich Evans, an award winning sound designer and owner of Syncbox. Here I did foley, audio editing, and even recorded an audiobook read by actress Zawe Ashton.

Nathan Boddy

I had the pleasure for interning for esteemed mixing engineer Nathan Boddy in 2018, during which time he was mixing an upcoming album from Gary Numan and recording Paloma faith – among other things. Since then he has mixed singles and albums from the likes of James Blake, Celeste and Mura Masa.

DJ sets as Mr Hare & Stelphy

After growning up listening to The Sugarhill Gang and Furious Five it was a real honor to be asked to be the support act for these two massively influential actsr. Between my two aliases I’ve performed DJ sets across the UK at clubs and festivals alike.

Degree in Music Production

I studied at BIMM Bristol for three years, earning myself a first-class honors in Music Production. During this time I not only studied for my course, but also developed as a performing artist and audio engineer, taking on a large amount of extra curricular activities.

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