Some of my favourite projects…

Sushi Scene – Isle of Dogs

Redub – Sound Design, Composition

One of my favourite film scenes, I decided to redub this classic sequence from Wes Anderson film with my own foley, sound design and composition.

Tron Bike Scene

Redub – Music Composition

I couldn’t resist composing a high energy musical score for this futuristic action sequence from 2010’s Tron Legacy. A great excuse to use my analog synthesizers, and classic digital Novation Supernova for that retro-futuristic flair. If you listen closely you can hear the sound effects that I designed to accompany the score, while being a fundamental part of the music itself.


Music Composition

I have always loved listening to ambient music, and recording the sounds and atmospheres in the places I visit. So when I started writing the music to accompany this wonderful clip I thought to use exclusively my own found sounds as a compositional tool, to give emotion to the clouds and scenes you see on the screen. It includes a Gong recorded in Japan, rain and seawash recorded in Australia and my Novation Supernova synthesizer – recorded in my studio.

Stelphy – Face It / Man Karate

Drum & Bass EP

Releasing on Mercurial Audio was something I had wanted to do for a long time, having a real affinity with the minimal, dark and atmospheric sound that they have carved out as a label. These two tracks have been played by DJs across the UK in clubs and on the radio, so I look forward to working with Mercurial again in the future! Link to listen below.


Honda Paper – NSX Advert

Redub – Sound Design

A hugely sound design intensive clip, this two minute advert is teaming with thousand of individually crafted noises to characterize each and every tiny movement on the screen.

Nike Advert

Redub – Sound Design

I did this redub as a passion project because of it’s unique aesthetic and fun feel. A classic piece of creative sound design, where the visuals and editing require energetic and rythmic sounds.

Burns Manor Records – ‘Manor-verse-ary’

Music Production, Mix, Scratching

Working with the Burns Manor Records is a regular pleasure of mine, whether it’s DJing at their events, scratching on tunes, or – in this instance – producing a beat and mixing 16 different MC’s vocals. Certainly not for the faint hearted!

Mr Hare – Gold ft. Mollie Smart

Production, Mix, Master

“Gold” is a prime example of my Mr Hare alias; laid back, jazzy and soulful hip hop inspired beats – and working closely with Mollie really brought the song to life. She also features on my album “Easy Listening for Difficult People” which will be coming out soon! Composition, recording, mixing and mastering by myself.


Competition winning D&B MC mix

Vocal Mix

Mista-Ree is an MC I’ve worked with a number of times, doing vocal mixes for his various projects – be it a single track or full 20 minute mix like in this example here. https://soundcloud.com/selectarecordings/mista-ree-nexthype-23-mc-entry-ft-dj-venom

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