Adam Hare : Audio Engineer

Hello! I’m Adam, and I am here to help you with all your audio needs. I do post production for video and film, mix records, compose bespoke music and more. Based in South East London with experience in the music, film and video advertising industries, I can help you realize your maximum creative potential whilst giving you sound that is professional and uncompromised in every way.

What I do

Audio Post Production

Since the advent of sound in film in the 1920’s, audio has been integral in conveying the story and emotion of what you see on screen. Now so more than ever, sound plays a major role in bringing films to life. With modern technology film makers have taken leaps and bounds in creating stunning visuals, which should always be matched by equally amazing sound. Excellent sound requires the use of evocative sound design, realistic foley and precise audio editing and mixing. After working at various high end London studios and developing my own projects I’ve acquired the skills to create imaginative and effective sound – be it a short film, online ad or audiobook. Using top of the line software, hardware and a key set of skills, I will work to your vision to bring you professional sound that will enhcance your film to make it something special.

Music Composition

I’ve been making music for almost 10 years, and since then I’ve racked up a lot of first hand studio experience, commercial releases and a first class honors degree in Music Production. Using a combination of analog hardware and the latest cutting edge software, I am passionate about the music I make and am committed to it always sounding professional. From music briefs for TV adverts to my own music intended for the dance floor, I am versed in a range of styles and sonic aesthetics. I can help you write and produce your next single or compose the soundtrack to your next short film, with attended collaborative sessions or online. I’ve travelled across the UK to perform DJ sets at clubs and festivals alike, supporting acts like The Sugar Hill Gang, The Furious Five, LTJ Bukem and more.


Mixing is an art in itself, from the initial spark of creativity to the most minute of details. A good mix is what will push your music high above above the rest, so why compromise? After making music for almost 10 years, studying under some of the world’s leading mixing engineers as well as DJing professionally across the UK, I know how to make music sound great wherever its being played – whether at home, in the car or at the club. Working with high end professional equipment and a keen pair of ears I can bring your mix to life, working closely with you to make it something you can be truly proud of.


The final stage of the production process, mastering is important in assuring your music sounds professional and competent, especially when compared to other commercially available music. Like everything in the music world, keeping up to date with the latest technology is important in making sure your tracks are competitive, so it is my dedication to ensure that all my masters are finished to your specification. Be it a loud and punchy dance track ready for the club or something more warm and dynamic, aimed towards listening on streaming services. My aim is to work closely with the artist to realize a master that best prepares your music for commercial success.

Let’s work together

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